FCAD provides a comprehensive Record or As-Built drawing drafting services for M&E projects and facilities management purposes as part of our CAD outsource services. Record or As-Built drawings for a finished site are typically prepared for inclusion within the Operations & Maintenance Manual (O&M) in a paper format. We provide a complete reprographic drawing service for paper issue purposes.

In cases whereby FCAD are engaged to provide Record or As-Built drawings for existing sites, FCAD would carry out a survey of the site against the most recent set of drawings and produce an up to date set of Record or As-Built drawings. By including building alterations and additional M&E services, FCAD shall create Record or As-Built drawings for O&M or facility management purposes.

FCAD also provides Record or As-Built drawings in electronic format. To ease accessibility of drawings, FCAD provide drawings in its own interactive CD ROM based program which will typically include drawings in PDF format, DWG format and PLT format.


FCAD provide professional M&E CAD drafting and detailing services to consultants and contractors within the building services sector. Working with mechanical and electrical design engineers, consultants and contractors, FCAD convert designs and marked up images into electronic CAD drawing format ensuring that the appropriate and customized corporate style and standards are retained for all work completed by FCAD.

FCAD’s experience spans within a range of sectors including healthcare, education, residential, retail, commercial, industrial and mixed use schemes. We work with all services including mechanical, electrical and public health at all stages of the drawing process from tender, comment, shop, working, construction, as-built and operation manual drawings.

FCAD utilize the latest technology to communicate with its clients and share files using web based online collaboration system with sophisticated mark up tools. By default, FCAD utilize British Standard CAD in all FCAD’s drafting process. Clients may choose any desirable standards and FCAD would prepare drawings to client’s desirable standard incorporating labeling, layering and associated CAD standards for all drawings types.

All M&E CAD drawings are detailed to the finest elements in accordance to FCAD client requirements including double lined and dimensioned M&E layouts and sections.


FCAD provides engineering consultants and designers with a range of M&E CAD Services including M&E Design Drawings for all aspects of an M&E Design. Working with experienced M&E Consultants throughout the M&E design process FCAD add value and efficiency to the M&E Drawing Production environment.

FCAD support and work with its client at all stages of the M&E design cycle. FCAD’s involvement and scope differs by project and are equally at ease to support schematic layout to production of double lined and dimensioned M&E layout drawings. We also assist with detailed design drawings and M&E section drawings to ensure that the design is validated against other trades including structural aspects.

2D Drawing audit services are also provided whereby FCAD will review design drawings to ensure consistency across services and other trades. We provide a range of reports for detailing design inconsistencies and the level of the impact of the same.

In cases where 3D M&E design validation is required, we provide a 3D M&E Design Validation service whereby we ensure that the concept is visualized and validated using sophisticated 3D modeling and 3D viewing.


Besides 3D coordination service for complete sites, FCAD also provide comprehensive 3D models and plant room coordination. In addition to plant rooms, we offer the coordinated 3D models for pre-fabricated ceiling modules, boiler rooms and risers for building services projects to ensure that services, architectural and structural elements are spatially coordinated.

Plant room and riser models will usually require modeling due to reduced design and build timescales especially where off-site manufacturing and/or assembly may be required or where a client has specified 3D models as part of the design requirement. Modeling and coordinating plant rooms and risers using 3D software such as Autodesk MEP has the added benefit of allowing for a greater amount of detailed information such as detailed sections to be easily generated from a 3D plant room or 3D riser model even during the installation process.

FCAD also provide detailed visualization and animation of plant rooms, riser and ceiling modules using FCAD’s M&E Visualization and M&E Animation services. This allows for the presentation of plant areas in order to demonstrate the process of installation or manufacture.


As construction projects become larger, more complex, more time critical and sophisticated, there is a greater need for controlled progression of the design and contracting process.

At FCAD, we provide a multi-trade coordination and 3D modeling service to architects, consultants and contractors to ensure that the risks of design miss-match are identified and resolved during the pre-construction stage. FCAD multi-trade service involves multi-services and multi-trade modeling to create a 3D prototype of 3D virtual model of the complete site.

FCAD deliver its multi-trade modeling and validation services by combining the skills and experience of FCAD’s people, a detailed understanding of the construction process, an established project management methodology and intelligent 3D technology. FCAD’s systematic approach to multi-service projects reduces duplication and reworks allowing delivery of a more accountable, accurate and cost efficient service.

Working as your CAD Bureau, FCAD also carry out paper to CAD conversions for all elements of the M&E Drawing including architectural plan conversion and architectural elevation conversion into CAD format.


FCAD work with its clients to provide an extensive design validation service covering one or more of architectural design, structural design and M&E design trades. FCAD’s output is used for a range or purposes including design development, contingency analysis, scope redefinition, budgeting, project planning and stakeholder communication.

Working with main contractors, multi-trade consultants, M&E contractors and architects, FCAD’s M&E and architectural design validation services allows a design of any particular trade to be assessed for accuracy, effectiveness and cross referenced with other trades to ensure feasibility and practicality.

Architectural and Structural Design Validation - Typically working with main contractors on FCAD’s approach to structural design elements includes the following:

  • Architectural Design Audit
  • Floor Layout Plan
  • Sectional Drawing
  • 3D Architectural and Structural Modeling

M&E Design Validation - Working  with M&E Consulting Engineers, FCAD provide a design validation service to ensure a more complete and accurate design is issued. Our M&E design validation services include the following:

  • M&E Design Audit
  • M&E Design Drawings
  • M&E Modeling
  • M&E Coordination


Through application of FCAD’s M&E experience and expertise, FCAD assist its clients during the tender / bid stage of a project with presentation material in the form of still images, 3D walkthroughs and detailed animation of a proposed M&E environment.

FCAD 3D M&E Visualization material details building services and other building trades such as complete building architectural to ensure that the context of each service with other trades is accurately represented to the target audience.

FCAD M&E Visualization services include the following:

  • 3D M&E Still Images - FCAD create static, photo-realistic and conceptual images to depict a finished M&E environment for a range of purposes including cost validation, scope validation or installation validation purposes.
  • 3D M&E Video (Flyovers & Walkthroughs) - FCAD 3D videos are used to provide a more realistic appreciation of space and the complexity of M&E services within an environment.
  • 3D M&E Animation - FCAD creates fully animated 3D M&E scenes to demonstrate the process of fabrication or site based installation along with the building model itself.


FCAD is a one-stop-shop for all of your CAD Conversion needs. FCAD converts any original CAD document to a perfectly accurate multi-layer electronic CAD drawing. FCAD specializes in all forms of CAD conversion, CAD format conversion, CAD design, blueprint conversion, and vectorization of CAD drawings.

FCAD specialized CAD conversion techniques can make your engineering, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, HVAC and other M&E designs including architectural designs look extremely professional and accurate. FCAD experienced CAD conversion specialists can execute your job overnight.

FCAD will give you the best CAD conversion and CAD format conversion results at very competitive prices. Approach FCAD with your CAD projects and drawings, FCAD would process them and have them delivered to you overnight or even sooner.

Hundreds of clients have demanded our high-quality CAD conversion services resulting in their increased productivity, improved client relations and seen an improvement in their overall business.

The advantages of using FCAD’s CAD conversion services are:

  • The final output is editable and would be in DXF or DWG format because we create the drawing as a new file.
  • FCAD can create as many layers as you require. FCAD generate separate layers for dimensions, text, body, hidden lines, and centerlines, etc.
  • A text is separated and has its own layer and is recognizable as text.
  • Dimensions are intact and are shown by a separate layer.
  • FCAD uses blocks for different entities (doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures, etc.).

FCAD has years of experience in CAD conversion, CAD format conversion, and CAD vectorization. These days, companies and clients are becoming more and more reliant on precise and easy digital formatting of their blueprints or CAD drawings.

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