1. How do we begin?

Submit your drawings to be converted into CAD. You can either send paper copies or email/FTP scans of your drawings. For email or FTP, the sheets should be scanned at 200 dpi and saved as TIF or PDF format. Once we have received your new project, you will receive an email confirmation indicating the date on which you will receive your completed CAD files.

  1. What types of sheets can you handle?

We convert all types of commercial, industrial and residential drawings: architectural, engineering, maps, construction documents, utility plans, etc. We will redraw everything on your sheet unless you have noted otherwise. If you have your own in-house layering standards, fonts, dimension styles, provide this data for your project.

  1. What is the range of service your CAD Outsourcing Division provides?

We provide the following services:

  • 3D M&E Coordination
  • M&E / Arch. Design Validation
  • M&E Visualization
  • Multi Trade Coordination
  • Plant / Riser / Stack Models
  • M&E Design Drawing
  • Building Information Modeling
  • 3d Building Modeling
  • As-Built/Shop Drawings
  • M&E Drafting
  • Vectorization / Cad Conversion
  1. What is the range M&E / MEP Services Drawings that you are able to produce and work on?
  We are able to produce and work on the following M&E / MEP Services:

Air-Conditioning Systems

  • Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chiller Systems
  • Air-Cooled Reciprocating Chiller Systems
  • Water-Cooled Packaged Unit Systems
  • Air-Cooled Split Systems

Ventilation Systems

  • Underground Car park Ventilation Systems
  • Basement Ventilation Systems
  • General Comfort Ventilation Systems

Fire Protection Systems

  • Conventional Fire Alarm System
  • Addressable Fire Alarm System
  • UV/IR Fire Detection System
  • Firemen Intercom System
  • Public Address System
  • Fire Hose Reel System
  • Automatic Sprinkler System
  • Wet Pipe Sprinkler System
  • Dry Pipe Sprinkler System
  • Deluge Sprinkler System
  • Pre-Action Sprinkler System
  • Foam Water Sprinkler System
  • Water Spray Sprinkler System
  • Wet Riser System
  • Dry Riser System
  • Down Comer System
  • Pressurized Hydrant System
  • External Hydrant System
  • Deluge System
  • AFFF Foam Pourer System
  • Low Pressure Co2 Extinguishing System
  • High Pressure Co2 Extinguishing System
  • Wet Chemical System
  • FM200® System
  • Inergen® System
  • Argonite® System
  • Pyrogen® System
  • NAF - SIII® System
  • NAF - S125® System
  • Inertec® System
  • Novec 1230® System
  • Smoke Spill Fan System
  • Pressurization Fan System
  • Smoke Extraction System
  • Smoke Ventilation System
  • Emergency Lights
  • 'EXIT' Signs
  • Portable Fire Extinguisher

Domestic Water Systems

  • Hot Water Systems using Heat Pumps
  • Hot Water Systems using Chiller Waste Heat
  • Cold Water Systems
  • Hydro-Pneumatic Systems

Sanitary and Waste Water Systems

  • Conventional Sanitary Systems
  • Kitchen Waste & Grease Trap Systems
  • Sewerage Treatment Plants

Liquefied Petroleum Gas / Natural Gas Systems

  • LPG Systems on Bulk Tanks Supplies
  • Natural Gas Reticulation Systems

Boiler & Steam Piping Systems

  • LPG-Fired Steam Boilers
  • Steam Piping

Elevators & Escalators

  • Conventional Passenger / Goods Lifts
  • High-Speed Lifts (6.1 m/s)
  • Hydraulic Lifts
  • Escalator / Travelator

Electrical Services

  • High Tension Sub-Stations and Reticulation
  • Low Voltage Switching and. Reticulation
  • Generator Sets (including 1500 kVA Units)
  • PLC Electrical Controls
  • Public Address and Sound Systems
  • Telephone & PABX Systems
  • Security CCTV Systems

Other Specialized Services

  • Central Vacuum Systems
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Paint Spray Booths
  • Aircraft Hangar Services
  • Port Facilities
  • Toll Plaza Equipment
  • IT & Communication Systems
  • Security System
  1. Can you create a floor plan using my electrical or mechanical sheets?

Yes, we can create a new floor plan sheet using existing electrical or mechanical sheets. Typically, we will need to know a grid dimension or overall building dimension. The remaining architectural background dimensions will be scaled during our drafting process. The electrical or mechanical information will be omitted from the final CAD floor plan.

  1. What information do we need to give you for 3D renderings?

We just need drawings or sketches with dimensions, scanned materials, where they are to be put (markups in AutoCAD drawings).

  1. What kind of turnaround time is expected?

The turnaround time could be as low as 24 hours depending upon the urgency and complexity of the work.

  1. Can we see progress at different stages?

To meet your selected turnaround time, we do not provide "reviews" at different stages. Because we carefully review your project specifications, and call to clarify any questions before proceeding with your project, it is not necessary to provide in-progress reviews. After we begin, if we encounter dimensional conflicts or unclear information, we will create a RED "read-me" layer in the final CAD file for your review.

  1. Who is the owner of the CAD files?

You are the owner of the CAD files. We simply provide CAD drafting services. We redraw your sheets exactly as shown. We keep backup copies of your CAD files in our archives. If you need replacement files, simply call and we will retrieve your files from our backups.

  1. Are there any CAD standards you follow or we need to provide them?

We set up CAD standards as furnished by the client. However in absence of prescribed standards we use default standards conforming to AutoCAD Standards.

  1. Can I provide my existing CAD backgrounds, fonts, etc?

Yes, we will use your existing CAD background files, such as architectural, to overlay mechanical, electrical, or plumbing objects. Make sure you include all xrefs and fonts attached to your CAD background file. Please also indicate how you would like us to use your background file, such as: 1) overlay the new data onto the existing CAD background, 2) reference CAD background for layers, line styles, fonts only, 3) reference CAD background for dimensions. The AutoCAD "eTransmit" command is recommended to attach all of the necessary xref and font files. The "View Report" button will list all files associated with your existing CAD file. 

  1. How do I send the original drawings if we don’t have an in-house scanner?

You may courier the original documents through FEDEX or DHL.

  1. Can I use fax machine to send the originals?

If the document size you wish to fax is clear enough and fits A4 size, then you can send them through fax and we can work upon them.

  1. What are the various ways of making the payment?

For Malaysian Clients - Payment can be made in MYR via cheque mailed directly to us, wire/fund transfer to our company’s bank account. For wire/fund transfer transaction, please provide transaction document or online fund transfer receipt via email as proof of payment.

For International Clients - Payment can be made in USD via wire/fund transfer to our company’s bank account. For wire/fund transfer transaction, please provide transaction document or online fund transfer receipt via email as proof of payment.

  1. Does the drawing look different, if executed offshore?

Right from day one we focus our efforts to parallel the drawing procedures followed in your office. Thus if you provide us with sample drawings, we can pick up layers and other formats from them and incorporate the same in the output drawings we produce at our end.

  1. Will my CAD files always be consistent throughout multiple project submissions?

Yes, we create a "profile" for your company or for each project type. Each time you submit a new project, we will refer to your profile as related to layering standards, fonts, dimensions, etc. This will ensure consistency throughout your projects.

  1. Do your drafters have experience with my type of project?

Yes, our CAD operators are organized into multiple departments:  architectural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, utilities, mapping, etc. We review your sheets and assign your project to the appropriate CAD department.

  1. How are my reference sheets used by your CAD operators?

In cases when your original documents submitted for conversion contain insufficient information, additional sheets can be referred (examples: dimensions) to develop a complete CAD document.

  1. What about security of data?

We make every effort to safeguard the computer & paper data files generated in the course of a project. Upon completion of the project, original paper drawings, files can be returned upon request.

  1. Do you spell-check your drawings?

We not only spell-check but also proof read the drawing after a check plot is taken.

  1. How do we communicate?

A wide range of options are available for communication; Email, Phone, Fax, Cell, Instant Messengers like Yahoo, Msn and Skype. Should a face to face meeting is required to solve drafting issues; these platforms will provide videoconferencing capabilities.


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