FCAD Project Management Team undertakes project management contracts by coordinating closely with its clients throughout the project cycle, from project conception to handover and final project close-out. We use knowledge gained through effective hands-on experience in identifying potential trouble spots in a project before they develop into problems, recommend solutions, and provide clients with objective information allowing them to make decisions on key issues before major problems occur during project implementation.

Our primary approach to project management is first and foremost to use the Project Execution Plan (PEP) to identify the objectives and requirements of the project. Then a risk mitigation strategy is carried out along with a detailed tasking program for the duration of the project.

A fully developed Project Execution Plan clearly shows all relevant activities involves throughout the entire period of project implementation. This program is not restricted to design, procurement and construction activities. It also incorporates all activities relating to the client, such as pre-design requirements, move management and facilities management requirements to achieve full operational status.

Outline Schedules are produced by FCAD to indicate project duration and key milestones such as, tender and appointment of consultants, completion of the design, tender and appointment of contractors, ordering of long-lead items and detailed construction schedule, all of which are designated on the master work program.

With FCAD’s proactive approach to project and construction management and years of extensive project and construction management experience, our clients are reassured that their project will be delivered on time, within budget and to specification.

Project Management Scope:

  • Project Planning
  • Cost Management
  • Time Management
  • Quality Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Safety Management
  • Defining roles and responsibilities and management Structure of Project Management Team
  • Organizing and leading by implementing project controls
  • Developing communication protocols
  • Identifying elements of project design and construction likely to give rise to disputes and claims


FCAD’s Construction Management Team is staffed by experienced Architects and Engineers whose experience in managing complex construction projects.

At Pre Construction stage, FCAD’s Construction Management Team develops budget evaluations, costs models and assesses project schedules to verify project handover date. Detailed design reviews are undertaken aimed at assessing design and constructability. This is carried out with a view to avoiding extensive design revisions during construction stage.

Buildability reviews and a value engineering process are included into this design review period. Management of procurement supply chain is assessed during pre construction stage to identify critical long lead items and to categorize any material conflicts that may impact the construction master work program.

During tender stage, appraisals and vetting of Contractors is undertaken, to verify their capability to undertake the works in terms of technical and financial capability. Selection is based on a number of requirements such as track record, current undertakings, financial capabilities, competitiveness, management structure, safety record, quality assurance and other relevant elements.

At Construction stage, administration of contracts is implemented using an established set of controls. Communication lines, project procedures, roles and responsibilities and regular coordination meetings are established along with constant monitoring to ensure contract conformance and monitor contract performance. We deploy a permanent on-site presence of experienced professional engineers, project managers and construction managers so we can constantly monitor compliance to design intent, quality of the construction process and progress, safety regulations, environmental issues, authority issues and other relevant process and progress of the project.

The whole project cycle is documented using detailed reporting processes such as forecasted final cost, change or variation order valuations, cost to complete, work progress reviews and others. This allows the Client and the Project Team to have a clear picture of the status of the project at any given point of time throughout the duration of project implementation and highlights any key issues that have to be addressed.

Before testing and commissioning begins a testing strategy procedure and check list is developed. Roles and responsibilities are defined along with the objectives of all test stages and the techniques that apply. Tests are coordinated and carried out to consultant’s requirement and authority satisfactory.

FCAD’s engineering specialists in building systems are tasked to ensure effective commissioning and proper instructions on system operations and maintenance procedures.

Finally at Post Construction stage, process and progress of preparation and submittal of all operation manuals and handover documents including testing and commissioning reports, certificates and other relevant documents will be monitored using a comprehensive documentation checklist. Extensive contractor claim reviews are conducted with special emphasis placed on verifying quantities, man hour logs and receipt details. Final negotiations and settlement of accounts are then concluded.


FCAD offers accurate assessment of costing proposals and relating final decisions based on FCAD’s knowledge and experience. Full transparency on every transactions and operations are guaranteed.

With FCAD’s stringent cost control, clients can be assured that best value is always achieved on the whole project cycle.

Related Services to Cost Management:

  • Strategic advice during the project inception and design stage
  • Contractual advice during project inception and tender stages based on forecasted capital and operation costing
  • Project cost management during the complete project cycle
  • Operation costing advice
  • Tracking and Control of construction budget over the project cycle.

FCAD provides full transparency of all procurement transactions and full integration with the client’s operational and purchasing policies that are currently in existence. Formal reporting systems are agreed upon before the project commencement. These procurement systems incorporate cost and program control, contract award, monitoring and payment practices.

Tracking and control of construction budgets over the project cycle are of paramount importance. ISO compliant methods of procurement and cost control are part of the standard operating procedures issued to all project management teams. Highly detailed valuation cost assessments are undertaken with BQ line by line scrutiny, saving the client significant project costs. With stringent cost control and change or variation order control management, the client can be assured that best value is always achieved over the whole project cycle.


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