M&E or MEP Coordination Services

Over the years, we seen many projects were executed without proper M&E or MEP Coordination thus leading to a catastrophic clash of services installations right from design stages to operation, maintenance and management stage. This occurs due to lack of coordination between M&E installation contractors and building contractors resulting project delays and improper installation.
FCAD offers on-site M&E or MEP Coordination Services to ensure that M&E services installation are done in a proper manner in accordance to manufacturer, complies with local authority requirement, meet the standard and quality requirement set forth by the consultant based on standard industry practice. Our M&E Coordinators are responsible for managing all components of an M&E services installation in construction projects related to the various mechanical and electrical elements of the facility.

Typically engaged by contractors, construction firms, developers and consultants, we combine a wide technical knowledge of various M&E trade with the management skills necessary to coordinate the work of a number of different employees working on different M&E trades and stages.

Our M&E Coordination Scope of service includes:

  • Coordinating Project M&E or MEP Contractors

Once construction begins, our assigned coordinator's primary duty is to act as a liaison between different parties working on the project including all M&E trade workers with the project's superintendent, subcontractors and project team, as well as manage communication between the subcontractors, field staff, project team and clients.

This is essential to ensure that all installations are installed in proper manner based on relevant requirement, standard industry practice and exceed the acceptable quality benchmark set forth by the building contractors, consultants, architects, developers and facility owners.

Through numerous M&E coordination meetings, detailed drawings, superimposes and on-site supervision and coordination, M&E services installation are coordinated in a concerted manner to ensure that solutions to installation obstruction are found and that the solution does not affect other services in terms of routing, installation objective and system performances.

  • Supervising Project M&E or MEP Contractors

Our M&E coordinator is charged with supervising all work performed by the M&E subcontractors under his jurisdiction. This demands regular on-site inspections during which our coordinators inspects the subcontractors' work for quality, ensure that it adheres to the project's specifications and installations are not deviated from the approved shop drawing.

For this, it will surely incur significant employment cost, employment issues and unwanted bureaucracies related to employment for contractors, construction firms, developers, consultants and facility owners when multiple coordinator are required to coordinator a large project.

With the existence of FCAD as the M&E Coordinator, M&E coordination are carried out to meet the coordination objective, at the same time eliminate employment issues and final cost of employment for the contractors, construction firms, developers and consultants.

  • Supervision, Coordination and Obstruction Analysis of M&E or MEP Services

Our M&E or MEP Coordinator are vastly experience with multiple type of facility. These experience ranging from design to operation and maintenance help propel us into the limelight as a reliable M&E or MEP Coordinating Consultant. Collectively, FCAD has 30 years of experience in M&E services installation and M&E Coordination. Typically, coordination includes a vast variety of M&E Service for multiple facilities as follows:

Air-Conditioning Systems

•   Water-Cooled Centrifugal Chiller Systems
•   Air-Cooled Reciprocating Chiller Systems
•   Water-Cooled Packaged Unit Systems
•   Air-Cooled Split Systems

Ventilation Systems

•   Underground Car park Ventilation Systems
•   Basement Ventilation Systems
•   General Comfort Ventilation Systems

Boiler & Steam Piping Systems

•   LPG-Fired Steam Boilers
•   Steam Piping

Domestic Water Systems

•   Hot Water Systems using Heat Pumps
•   Hot Water Systems using Chiller Waste Heat
•   Cold Water Systems
•   Hydro-Pneumatic Systems

Sanitary and Waste Water Systems

•   Conventional Sanitary Systems
•   Kitchen Waste & Grease Trap Systems
•   Sewerage Treatment Plants

Liquefied Petroleum Gas / Natural Gas Systems

•   LPG Systems on Bulk Tanks Supplies
•   Natural Gas Reticulation Systems

Fire Protection Systems

•   Conventional Fire Alarm System
•   Addressable Fire Alarm System
•   UV/IR Fire Detection System
•   Firemen Intercom System
•   Public Address System
•   Fire Hose Reel System
•   Automatic Sprinkler System
•   Wet Pipe Sprinkler System
•   Dry Pipe Sprinkler System
•   Deluge Sprinkler System
•   Pre-Action Sprinkler System
•   Foam Water Sprinkler System
•   Water Spray Sprinkler System
•   Wet Riser System
•   Dry Riser System
•   Down Comer System
•   Pressurized Hydrant System
•   External Hydrant System
•   Deluge System
•   AFFF Foam Pourer System
•   Co2 Extinguishing System
•   Wet Chemical System
•   Inert Gas Fire Suppression System
•   Smoke Management System
•   Portable Fire Extinguisher

Elevators & Escalators

•   Conventional Passenger / Goods Lifts
•   High-Speed Lifts (6.1 m/s)
•   Hydraulic Lifts
•   Escalator / Travelator

Electrical Services

•   High Tension Sub-Stations and Reticulation
•   Low Voltage Switching and Reticulation
•   Generator Sets (including 1500 kVA Units)
•   PLC Electrical Controls
•   Public Address and Sound Systems
•   Telephone & PABX Systems
•   Security CCTV Systems

Other Specialized Services

•   Central Vacuum Systems
•   Compressed Air Systems
•   Paint Spray Booths
•   Aircraft Hangar Services
•   Port Facilities
•   Toll Plaza Equipment
•   IT & Communication Systems
•   Security Systems


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